Individualized Treatment

Your Unique Molecular Footprint

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Even at the molecular level, you are unique, unlike anyone else. And we at the Block Center take that into account when evaluating you and planning your individualized integrative care program.

The Blocks and their research team have worked on clinically relevant assessments for over two decades that have been a core aspect of our treatment programs. In very recent years scientific evidence has come to substantiate the importance these laboratory evaluations have. These important assessment tools allow us to help you counter biochemical disruptions and unhealthy molecular expression that can promote cancer proliferation. This fingerprint allows for initial and ongoing adjustments in your supplement and treatment plan. Much of our and other’s research is supporting the clinical importance of this testing and associating it with diminished treatment toxicity, improving symptom control, quality of life, treatment response and ultimate outcome.

We use a variety of testing and assessment methods in order to create the latest, most accurate picture of you. We evaluate a host of your personal biological characteristics, such factors as:

  • Oxidative damage
  • DNA mutation
  • Immune system functionality
  • Tumor growth factor levels
  • Inflammation
  • Stress chemistry imbalances
  • Nutrient levels
  • Body composition
  • Physical conditioning
  • Quality of life and well-being status

With the information we’ve collected, we design your unique cancer treatment and care program, incorporating an entire complement of chemotherapeutic, exercise, personalized nutrition, supplements and biobehavioral techniques into your comprehensive integrated plan.

The result is an enhanced state of wellness, based on an approach that treats your cancer more effectively and with fewer side effects.

The Block Center

Founded over 30 years ago, the Block Center is one of the world’s leading cancer treatment facilities. An outpatient clinic specializing in the treatment of the entire range of cancers, we are dedicated to providing a caring and healing environment.

Our individualized programs are designed to give you, the patient, the best opportunity to live better and to improve the overall quality of your life while you undergo treatment.


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